Destination Wedding: Canyon Kitchen at Lonesome Valley


Just outside Asheville, NC with the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains you will find Lonesome Valley.  If you love North Carolina like I do, and have always dreamt of being married here, this just may be the spot.   



James Beard nominated chef, John Fleer works his magic at the Canyon Kitchen, a place where the insanely gorgeous surrounding go head-to-head with a sublime dining experience, competing for your undivided attention. 



A country mountain wedding with top-notch cuisine and an unparalleled setting?  Yes, please.  Call us.  Let's get this party started.


xo, Emily

Same Day Proposal and Wedding

I found this video via my friend Kat and I just had to share it here.  This guy heard his girlfriend mention that she would love to get engaged and married on the same day and apparently in that moment the gauntlet was thrown down.  He was taking on the task and man, did he rise to the occasion.  This video is nearly a half hour long, so it's a commitment.  But it's a hoot.  You won't regret watching this thing unfold.

And talk about putting Pinterest to good use.  He used his girlfriend's "Dream Wedding Board" to plan the whole thing.  The girl planned her wedding without ever knowing it!
Gentleman, we are loving this concept.  But don't try this at home alone.  Call a planner.

xo, Emily

Marriage Monday: Traditional Anniversary Gifts

{Celebrating 8 years}

Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate 8 years of marriage.  We have a tradition where we use the traditional gift material suggestions to buy our gifts for each other.

Year one was Paper.

Our budget was nothing, so we got to be creative.


I had the super talented  Kathryn Murray  write out our vows in calligraphy and he handmade origami flowers from special pictures and notes he had written me.  

I had the super talented Kathryn Murray write out our vows in calligraphy and he handmade origami flowers from special pictures and notes he had written me.  

Year 5 was wood.


I got him a bottle of Woodford Reserve, admittedly a bit of a stretch. 

I got him a bottle of Woodford Reserve, admittedly a bit of a stretch. 

He got me a lovely WeWood watch

He got me a lovely WeWood watch

Year 8 is Bronze

This is what I have been dreaming of... 


Pivot Brass Sconces

Pivot Brass Sconces

House numbers from Target

House numbers from Target

Bronze and Glass coffe table from Horchow

Bronze and Glass coffe table from Horchow

No matter what our budget has been or will be, giving thoughtful and creative gifts has been a fun, though at times challenging (finding something nice for the 4th fruit/flower present for a man wasn’t easy), tradition for us.  

What are some of your anniversary traditions?




Vendor Crushes: Summer Ellis Bijouterie & Angela Karr

We are featuring two of our beloved vendors in this post because these photos show off both of their work so beautifully.   

all photos by  Kathryn Krueger

all photos by Kathryn Krueger

First, if you love jewelry that is delicate and etherial, than you have got to check out Summer Ellis Bijouterie.  Her line is beautifully crafted and many of the pieces could be dressed up for a special occasion or dressed down for everyday.  This quality makes her jewelry extremely wearable but super difficult to choose from.  So much loveliness. 

We were thrilled to partner with Summer on this shoot.  Her simple jewelry was the perfect accent to the bold hues we adorned the girls in.  Summer's earrings make for amazing bridesmaids gifts.  Something the girls truly will wear long after the big day has passed.   


Our second vendor is the supremely talented Angela Karr.  Angela is sought out by brides from all over Texas to make them look their best on their wedding day.  One of my favorite things about Angela's work is that she is not at all heavy hand.  She  works her magic and allows each girl look like the best version of themselves.  Not like some glamorous stranger.  And that bold coral lip that she did on Jordanna is to-die-for.  Angela is officially our go-to make-up genius.


Vendor Crush: Rosetree Floral Design Studio

All photos by  Kathryn Krueger

All photos by Kathryn Krueger

We love to find any reason to get to work with Jessie from Rosetree Floral Design Studio.  Not only is she really talented but she is also just a great person to work with.  She didn't bat an eye when we requested mini-arrangements for each place setting and a dog leash made of flowers.  The little individual barrettes that she made for the bridesmaid's hair were simply fantastic.  Not to mention the super cool asymmetrical arrangement that she created for the cigar table.  Stunning.


Thank you, Jessie for all of your amazing work!  


Bridesmaid {Photoshoot} Style


The bridesmaid details were some our very favorite from the shoot.  Mix-matched dresses in hyper-sorbet shades.  Braid variations.  Subtle jewelry and nude shoes.   Plenty of pow, but not too much.  Never over shadowing the bride, but most definitely holding their own in the style courts.

All photos by  Kathryn Krueger  

All photos by Kathryn Krueger 


Courthouse Elopement Photo Shoot

We are so honored to have Kindred's first photoshoot featured on 100 Layer Cake, one of the top wedding sites on the web.  {If you haven't visited their site before, you are in for a treat.  Tons of great inspiration & resources.}

Photography by  Kathryn Krueger  

Photography by Kathryn Krueger 

Here was our vision behind this shoot: 

We were aiming for a certain timelessness. We took some current trends, like the kraft & neon color scheme that is so popular right now, and put an old-school spin on it. The kraft translated into nude & khaki, the neon into shocking pops of citrus color. People often take what is old and make it new. We often find ourselves looking for ways to take what is current and give it some history.

We find the whole idea of elopements terribly romantic. As if this couple is tumbling into matrimony and the momentum is simply to great to be stopped by trivialities like the planning of a wedding. But need it be one without the other? Can’t we have a wedding based on our heart’s timeline (not when there is an opening at the country club) yet still have gorgeous styling and meaningful details?

This shoot was meant to inspire the reality that you can have both. A courthouse wedding is iconic. Our bride, Jordanna, has only a simply-tied bouquet and a fascinator to mark her as the lucky girl. What else does she need with Austin by her side? Their closest friends, armed only with tossing petals and their faithful pup (decked out in a floral leash) are all this urban ceremony needs.

We wanted to give the sense that this event was thrown together just last week, and it truly could have been. (The groom’s vows are written on a napkin, for heaven's sake!) Everything we sourced and chose could be gathered in a weeks time. Simple blooms from the florist. Delicacies from a local patisserie. And don’t forget to borrow all the best loot from loved ones’ homes, pack it up in a couple of cars and dine under the stars in a park. Even better should said park come with a river and a pretty bridge.

The key is choosing a few details and doing them really well. You don’t have to do every detail of a typical wedding. These partygoers enjoyed croquembouche (a traditional French wedding ‘cake’) petit pastries and champagne cocktails. High style, low cost. All the fashion is off the rack from the nearest department store. We were this close to having the bride wearing a gorgeous dress from BHLDN but really wanted to show how great a bride can look just by shopping locally. Even if you decided to go with a BHLDN dress, those trailblazing geniuses would have you a killer gown within 5 days! Not long ago, that was simply unheard of.

It is the parts of your wedding day that are infused with meaning that your guests will recall more than anything else. Write your own vows. Choose poetry or music that is unique to your relationship. In our shoot, the bride & groom and their guest wrote down their hopes and blessings for this marriage. They folded their blessings into little origami boats and sent them out on the water. Sitting down and thoughtfully writing prayers of love-to-be? These are the moments the remain with us. Ice sculptures? Chocolate fountains? You can keep ‘em. I choose elements that cost nothing but feel profoundly rich.

Borrowed dishes, a friend grabbing a Holga camera and acting as photographer...we even give you the recipe for the champagne cocktail. Could it get any easier? Is wedding planning making you want to tear your hair out? Slash all but the essentials, make those essentials lovely and tell your friends to leave next Saturday open.


for Moore, Oklahoma

Sometimes it feels as though the heartbreaking stories are coming quicker.  As if the trials are larger.  Sometimes it feels as though we haven't caught our breath from the last sorrow when the next one appears.  That they are piling up. 

And one (one being me) might want to shrink back a bit.  Hide.  Give place to the fear.  And yet what honor would that bring to those who are gone?  Is courage not the right response?  Tornadoes, explosions, murders & thieves - these are all realities of this life.  Fearing them does nothing to preserve ourselves.

Quite the opposite.

frederick buechner.jpg

here's a list of places to practically help.


the Art Director, ahem.


Yesterday, I tried something new.  As in, I directed my first photo shoot.  It was scary and utterly tiring and fun and chaotic and inspiring.  I'm pretty confident that I will do it again.  And again and again.  We had a stellar photographer and a great team of people and even though it was my first shoot, we are going to have some pretty spectacular images.   I'm only showing you this one from instagram feed because I don't want to ruin any surprises.  I've entitled this photo, American Gothic, bridal style. 

Can't wait to share the full shoot!

xo, Emily

Easter Candy Tasting Plate: The Icons


Easter Eve. 

Tuck in all the kids and then get to work.  Sean and I got busy filling baskets and I made us up these taster plates for dessert.  Just a little bit and only of the icons: a Cadbury Creme Egg, some Cadbury mini eggs, a Marshmallow Peep and some jelly beans.   I debated adding a Reece's egg to the mix.  My personal favorite, but perhaps not yet iconic.

What's your favorite Easter candy?

xo, Emily