#marrymewaco: Maxcey and Luke

Maxcey and Luke's Photos taken by: Blaylock Photography

He tracked down the beautiful girl he sat by in church and made her his wife...

How They Met:

“I was sitting in church at the very back of the sanctuary by myself. The service had just begun when these three girls slipped in the back door and slid past me onto my row. I caught a glimpse of the girl who sat next to me and could tell she was really pretty. But trying to check out a girl sitting literally inches from your side without being obvious is kind of difficult. I know I should have been focusing on the service and God during church, but He put a very, very attractive girl right next to me. What could I do? I was enthralled with trying to get a better look at this pretty church girl. Finally I got my chance with the “hug and pray” portion of the service. “Hug and pray” is a specialty of Highland Baptist Church. It’s kind of cheesy, but you’re supposed to put your arm around the person next to you while the pastor prays, and, before you hug your neighbor, you’re supposed to introduce yourself. I turned to face the mysterious girl and was completely blown away. She was hands-down the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She smiled warmly, extending her hand, and said her name was Max-something. Maxine or something like that. When I met her hand with mine, it was quite possibly the most awkward handshake I’ve ever had. Our pinkies got intertwined and messed up during the shake. But I was not prepared for what happened next. As I put my arm around her waist and she put hers around mine, something kind of scary happened. I stopped breathing. Literally. She had truly taken my breath away. I don’t know why it happened. As soon as her arm hit my waist, I became a statue. Stopped moving. Stopped breathing. I could feel the sweat starting to pour down my face as it flushed bright red. Possibly even purple. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I could feel my knees shaking and my body starting to sway. Somewhat blasphemously, I prayed that the pastor’s prayer would end quickly. Somehow I managed to stay on my feet until the final “amen” and jetted out of there before anybody had even opened their eyes. Now, I’ve never been a big social networking guy, but, I cringe to admit, Facebook was a key part in me meeting this pretty church girl again. I told my friends at work the story of how she almost killed me, and they laughed and said I was ridiculous. I was. That night, I felt like God was flicking me in the head. Why didn’t you talk to her? So, before I went to sleep, I stalked her. Legitimately stalked her. I wasn’t even positive what her first name was, but I assumed she was a Baylor student. I got on Baylor’s online directory and typed Max A, Max B, Max C until I finally found her. Maxcey Kite. After identifying her on the Baylor directory, I found her on Facebook. I “friend requested” her with a message that said, “I promise I’m not a creeper. I just kept kicking myself for not talking more to such a pretty girl at church.” A week later, we had our first date. And now she’s going to be my wife.” -Luke 

How He Asked:

“Luke and I had gone to a haunted house in Fort Worth on Saturday night with a group of friends. He drove back to Dallas afterwards and I stayed with my parents in Fort Worth. That night we planned on both driving back to Waco in the morning to go to our church, University Baptist Church (UBC). That Sunday morning I arrived in Waco with plenty of time to spare, but Luke was running late. I was not very happy. By the time he got to Hillsboro and called me, I knew we weren't going to make it to church. He suggested we go out to eat. Hungry after waiting sooo long for him to get there, I grumpily agreed and we headed to Cafe Cappacino. As we were heading down University Parks, for some reason Luke, who was driving, started to turn left down the road that runs behind the little shopping complex with Spice and Ninfas. Anyone familiar with Waco and Cafe Cappacino knows that this is not the most direct route. So, being the time efficient person I am, I asked Luke in a slightly raised voice (remember he was late and I was hungry), "What are you doing? This is such a long way to get there?" He switched blinkers and continued down University Parks.

Suddenly, as it came into view, Luke said, "Hey! We should go out on the suspension bridge. It's such a nice day, and you've never been!" After initially refusing due to hunger, I grungingly agreed to Luke's insistance. We started to walk out onto the bridge and I noticed a large, cardboard box sitting out on the middle of the bridge. "What's that?" I asked Luke. Smiling, he said we should go check it out. We walked up to the box and I saw that it had my name written on it. Luke told me to open it.

Inside the box were rose petals and tissue paper and another cardboard box. On top of the box was a red rose with a little tag tied to it that read "1 Year." I opened the next cardboard box and inside were rose petals, tissue paper, and another red rose with a tag reading "1 Year." And another cardboard box. I opened the next box and, you guessed it, inside were rose petals, tissue paper, and, this time, eight red carnations. We had been dating for two years and eight months on that day. One more box remained. This box was very pretty and had the words "Faith Hope Love" on its top. I opened up the box and inside was a red artificial rose with a tag that said "Forever."

I turned to Luke, in utter disbelief (I still can't believe he was able to surprise me!), and he said that he had one more box for me. He took my hands and said some very sweet words that I do not even remember. He got down on one knee and pulled that last box out of his pocket. I said "yes" and burst into tears and a stream of "Oh my gosh"es. The rest, as they say, is history.”


P.S. If you haven't figured this out already, the reason Luke was able to surprise me was that he used my bossy, back-seat-driver-ness against me :)