#MarryMeWaco: Melanie and Tim

How They Met:

We both attended Highland Baptist Church all four years while at Baylor and had many mutual friends, but we did not meet until October of our senior year. One night in November, Tim asked me to meet him for coffee at Common Grounds for our first date. I did not think too much of it, but when we sat and talked while drinking our coffee, I began to realize something was different about him. We dated for a year, and during that year we both graduated from Baylor and moved to different cities and continued to date long distance. 

How He Asked:

 Fast forward to this past February, we decided to meet in Waco for a weekend. I was planning to meet up with some of my friends for the weekend, so Tim thought it would be a good time to come as well. For the entire month before that sweet weekend in February, I had been convinced that he was going to propose in Waco. It was not until three days before, that I had completely convinced myself otherwise. When it came time for me to drive to Waco, Tim called, sounding more upset than usual. He had told me that due to the ice and snow, he would not be able to make it to Waco that night. I was a little bummed, but knew there was not much he could do. I told him it was okay if he was not able to come that weekend, because I knew we would see each other the following weekend. He was determined to make it to Waco though. On Saturday from the morning until Tim finally made it to town that evening, I was able to spend a lot of time with so many people that I loved. My heart was so full that when Tim got to town, I did not think my day could get any sweeter. Oh boy, was I wrong! He told me that we were going to go get Common Grounds and then walk around campus. When we got to Common Grounds the line was too long, so we just drove around and parked by Pat Neff. Tim told me we were going to get out and walk around since we had not been on campus in a few months. Since it was 30 degrees and sprinkling, I told him that I would rather not walk around. Tim must have been really convincing because he finally got me out of the car in that weather! We started walking toward the bear pit and then then towards Brooks. I thought it was interesting because we had never walked in this area together, but I did not think much of it. When we got behind Robbins Chapel, I asked if he had ever been in there. He told me that he had been once, but that we should go check it out again. I was really nervous that we would barge in on a service or that our (old) students IDs would not let us in. We made it to the front door when Tim opened it and I looked down the aisle toward the decorated alter. Still not understanding what was happening, I thought it was so sweet Baylor had decorated the chapel for parents for Sing weekend! Tim just shook his head and kept walking. As we walked down the aisle together, I realized that no this was not for parents, this was for me. We walked through the different pictures he set up through the different stages of our relationship. At the end he pulled out a letter he wrote to me and read it. As I stood there crying, I could not remember a thing he said. All I could think about was that I was the luckiest girl in the world that I was going to get to marry this man! Afterwards Tim got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. Not even hesitating, and through my tears, I said absolutely YES!!