Al Fresco October

I love October.  I love Fall.  I love every pumpkin, plaid, inviting part of it.  What I've been sitting at home dreaming about while I wait in my air conditioned house for the temperature outside to finally drop, is al fresco dinning.  I don't need it be fancy or overly planned, but I am dreaming of a meal outside under my trees, with warm blankets, a thermos of soup, yummy drink in my hand, and good friends.   Hope you get inspired by the season to take a blanket outside and gather those you love to enjoy all this season has to offer.  Happy October! 



 It doesn't have to be elaborate, but Fall beckons us to be outdoors.



A beautifully set table just for the two of you, yes please!  



  I can think of few things better than a great breakfast enjoyed outdoors. 



  Gather what you have and take it outside.  This season is meant to be savored.