Courthouse Elopement Photo Shoot

We are so honored to have Kindred's first photoshoot featured on 100 Layer Cake, one of the top wedding sites on the web.  {If you haven't visited their site before, you are in for a treat.  Tons of great inspiration & resources.}

Photography by  Kathryn Krueger  

Photography by Kathryn Krueger 

Here was our vision behind this shoot: 

We were aiming for a certain timelessness. We took some current trends, like the kraft & neon color scheme that is so popular right now, and put an old-school spin on it. The kraft translated into nude & khaki, the neon into shocking pops of citrus color. People often take what is old and make it new. We often find ourselves looking for ways to take what is current and give it some history.

We find the whole idea of elopements terribly romantic. As if this couple is tumbling into matrimony and the momentum is simply to great to be stopped by trivialities like the planning of a wedding. But need it be one without the other? Can’t we have a wedding based on our heart’s timeline (not when there is an opening at the country club) yet still have gorgeous styling and meaningful details?

This shoot was meant to inspire the reality that you can have both. A courthouse wedding is iconic. Our bride, Jordanna, has only a simply-tied bouquet and a fascinator to mark her as the lucky girl. What else does she need with Austin by her side? Their closest friends, armed only with tossing petals and their faithful pup (decked out in a floral leash) are all this urban ceremony needs.

We wanted to give the sense that this event was thrown together just last week, and it truly could have been. (The groom’s vows are written on a napkin, for heaven's sake!) Everything we sourced and chose could be gathered in a weeks time. Simple blooms from the florist. Delicacies from a local patisserie. And don’t forget to borrow all the best loot from loved ones’ homes, pack it up in a couple of cars and dine under the stars in a park. Even better should said park come with a river and a pretty bridge.

The key is choosing a few details and doing them really well. You don’t have to do every detail of a typical wedding. These partygoers enjoyed croquembouche (a traditional French wedding ‘cake’) petit pastries and champagne cocktails. High style, low cost. All the fashion is off the rack from the nearest department store. We were this close to having the bride wearing a gorgeous dress from BHLDN but really wanted to show how great a bride can look just by shopping locally. Even if you decided to go with a BHLDN dress, those trailblazing geniuses would have you a killer gown within 5 days! Not long ago, that was simply unheard of.

It is the parts of your wedding day that are infused with meaning that your guests will recall more than anything else. Write your own vows. Choose poetry or music that is unique to your relationship. In our shoot, the bride & groom and their guest wrote down their hopes and blessings for this marriage. They folded their blessings into little origami boats and sent them out on the water. Sitting down and thoughtfully writing prayers of love-to-be? These are the moments the remain with us. Ice sculptures? Chocolate fountains? You can keep ‘em. I choose elements that cost nothing but feel profoundly rich.

Borrowed dishes, a friend grabbing a Holga camera and acting as photographer...we even give you the recipe for the champagne cocktail. Could it get any easier? Is wedding planning making you want to tear your hair out? Slash all but the essentials, make those essentials lovely and tell your friends to leave next Saturday open.