Exuberant Spring Wedding Inspiration

The air is started to warm up here in Texas and bulbs have begun to pop up from below the surface of the earth.  Spring has come.  Though I love me some winter-time, I can't deny that there is something utterly intoxicating about those first glimpses of Spring.  It's no wonder that Spring is wedding season, what with all God's natural decor showing off in ways no one's handiwork can begin to compete with. 

Some of my very favorite wedding locations are gardens and arboretums.  I have seen brides throw down crazy sums of cash trying to re-create what some venues are offering for free. Dizzying quantities of blooms in every shade make an incomparable backdrop.  This is the kind of choice that both your photographer & your wallet will thank you for. 

What are your thoughts on this kind of riotous floral explosion?  

Does it strike you as positively over-the-top hyper-pigmented decadence?  

Yeah, I think so too.  

Doncha' just love it?

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