Dying Brown Easter Eggs: Good Call


Today we packed it up and took our eggs & dyes down the road to our neighbor's house.   Does dying eggs at Easter ever get old?  It sure hasn't for us.  For the first time we used our brown eggs and added plenty of vinegar to the dye.  I wish I would have snapped a few photos of the results.  In all my life I have never seen such spectacularly colored eggs.  They colors were deep and rich and unusual.  Not your typical pastels but deep robin egg blue and a red that was almost a true garnet color.   Really , really beautiful stuff.  All that to say, it's brown eggs for us from here on out. 

Martha Stewart posted this photo a few days ago and while I'm hesitant to place our results in the Martha category...uummmm...hers look just like ours.  I'm already dreaming and scheming about some sweet ideas for next years' eggs.

xo- Emily