The Art of Possibility (and failure)


As I have launched this new little business venture, I have moved out in ways that are surprising even me.  I expected that I might baby step my way out onto the tightrope.  That I might slice up each success with healthy dollops of fear and doubt.  Instead I find myself doing quite the opposite.  Allowing myself a space for unbridled creativity has unleashed a torrent of dreams and ideas that I am having trouble finding enough containers for.   I feel bold and brave like I can't remember when.  I think so often we shrink back for fear of making a mistake.  Of not doing it right. 

Perhaps that's where I've been set free.  I don't want to do it right.  I want to do it well.  And different.  The old rules just may not apply.  And as I fail, for invariably I must fail - I hope to welcome these moments with genuine appreciation.  Failure is a really difficult thing when we long to be right and desire business-as-usual.  It is far easier to forge a certain friendship with failure when change is our goal and learning is our journey.